South Africa's FAVOURITE Indian Snacks!

We have been manufacturing snacks since 1985 and believe that Love-me Candies sets the benchmark for the traditional 'Indian' snack industry.

We regularly develop niche products to cater for different types of customers and are regarded as the leader in this specialised market.

Our business model is unique. Each trade delivery is tailor made to suit the unique selling profile of each store. We determine replenishment levels and selling patterns by continually analysing unsold Love-me Candies stock. This ensures maximum sales per linear stock facing.


There is no risk, as we unconditionally guarantee replacement or credit of every item of stock supplied to our trade customers and not sold by its expiry date.

We invite the public to visit our factory shop where they can purchase our entire range in bulk, catering for all Parties, Weddings and other Functions. All bulk sales are served from our production line, which guarantees freshness.

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